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Jrock Thighs

mmm...love em!

We Can't Help It, It's An Obsession // Jrock Thing
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We love Jrock Thighs

The Jrock Thigh Community was built solely for the purpose for a place for fans of Jrockers and specifically an odd obsession with their thighs could thrieve, and enjoy one another's company, by sharing pictures and files, and simple discussion. ^__^ It may seem eccentric to some, but is an obsession that we cannot control and cannot help. ^.^


I. If Posting Images of any sort, please use a lj-cut.
II. Remaining on topic is crucial, however, there can be times when you can stray, as in, talking about the musicians projects.
III. Korean and Chinese bands are allowed into topic.
IV. Be courtesy to one another; extend what you would like to receive in return.
V. If rude and obnoxious towards other members, there will be given a warning and if the problem continues to circulate, there will be actions of moderated post or ban.
VI. The key rule is to have fun.

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